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EMDR Intensives

EMDR intensives have been shown to be highly effective in improving and even in some circumstances eliminating trauma-related symptoms in a much shorter timeframe than traditional therapy. By processing and resolving traumatic memories and symptoms through EMDR Therapy you make experience a decrease in trauma-related symptoms.

Weekly therapy doesn't work for everyone, which is why Dona offers EMDR intensive trauma treatment that’s both streamlined and effective.

EMDR intensives involve scheduling a lengthy  treatment session allowing us to move through the eight phases of EMDR processing more efficiently. This targeted approach enables access to a deeper level of processing so that more traumatic material can be reprocessed more quickly, resulting in faster relief from trauma-related symptoms.

EMDR intensives are scheduled as needed with weekend and evening times available, starting at three hours in length. Dona's typical rate of $165 per clinical hour applies to each hour of the intensive.Schedule a consultation today to get started on your healing journey!

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